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What is Advocacy?

An advocate is someone who provides assistance, support, and guidance while empowering others to work toward greater stability and independence.

Every child deserves to have someone who believes in them - an adult who facilitates their success, demands that they do their best, and ultimately never gives up on them.

Advocating for students educational needs means working on local, state, and federal levels to help students get the best possible educational experience.

Our Mission

Dessie Evans PTA's mission is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging with and empowering families and our community to advocate for all children.

Some Resources

National PTA - Learn how to take action by contacting your congressional representitives.

SOWA School's Out Washington - SOWA works to encourage policy makers at all levels - city, county, and in Olympia - to become champions for accessible, equitable policies for afterschool and summer that are engaging, high quality, and that look different than the school day.

WEA Special Education Support Center - There are a number of private and non-profit organizations that offer support for families of students with disabilities.  The Special Education Support Center is committed to provide up to date information on the private sector and non-profit organizations that provide information, resources and support for families and students with disabilities.

Legislative Platform

The Washington State PTA legislative platform is a two-year platform to mirror the Washington state legislative cycle. On the even-numbered years, the new platform is voted on by members at the legislative assembly in the fall. The top five issues become our short-term platform and consist of our priority issues when advocating throughout the year. Other issues are placed on an “also supported” list. During the odd-numbered years, members vote to amend current issues or to add new, emerging issues to the also supported list.

The Top 5 Legislative Priorities for 2020-2021 are:

  1. Increase access to Nursing, Mental Health, and Social Emotional Learning Staff.

  2. Support students and preserve Education Funding

  3. Increasing Education equity by Closing the Digital Divide

  4. Supports and Funding for students with disabilities and their families

  5. Prevent and Reduce Gun Violence and Suicide

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Learn More

What should WSPTA members expect this upcoming legislative session?

Education Services During COVID-19: Parents of children in school has struggled greatly from the changes that were suddenly made when COVID-19 hit our state. In-person learning quickly changed to an online experience and many students who received special education services no longer had access to them. Watch a discussion with Chris Reykdal and Glenna Gallo and parents from our state who share concerns about education services during the pandemic.

Do you want to advocate but don’t know where to start? Watch this short video to find out how easy it is to get involved!

Want your voice to be heard? Take action today to:

  1. Contact your legislature

  2. Find your members of congress

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